I have been using nomorerack for a while now and have bought tons of items. I like nomorerack because of its great prices. I found products that are even cheaper than on amazon. Most things I have bought have had no problems with. However on occasion I have purchased an item and never received the item because it was out of stock. When this happens nomorerack has let me know, and refunded my money plus give me an additional $10 credit. I have also received items that did not work, when this happens I have contacted customer service and they send me a shipping label to return it. Once they receive it I have gotten my money back. In my experience I love nomorerack but occasionally there has been a problem, however customer service has always taken care of it and has never given me a problem. 

So my advice is if you do purchase one of there awesome deals be sure to check it as soon as you get it. Some items are refurbished which is always listed in the description, if it does not work return it.